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    Yahoo Health

  • Lightning Strikes: Myth vs. Fact

    28 Jul 2014 | 3:59 pm
    Despite the recent high-profile cases, lightning-related deaths are actually at an all-time low. We asked the National Weather Service to help us debunk some of the most popular lightning myths.
  • Running Just 5 Minutes a Day Can Help You Live Longer

    28 Jul 2014 | 12:30 pm
    “This study encourages inactive people to participate in more physical activity including running,” Dr. D.C. Lee, lead researcher and assistant professor of kinesiology at Iowa State University, told Yahoo Health. He noted that the two big surprises of the study, published Monday in the Journal of the American College of Cardiology, were that “we can get significant mortality benefits by running even 30 to 60 minutes per week, which is below the recommendations by the World Health Organization and the US government,” and also that the benefits matched those of the longer-distance…
  • Fist Bumps More Hygienic Than Handshakes, Say Scientists

    28 Jul 2014 | 11:58 am
    Photo by LONDON (AFP) - Fist bumps are more hygienic than handshakes and drastically reduce the risk of spreading infectious diseases, researchers in Britain have found. The study discovered that a handshake transfers 10 times as much bacteria as a fist bump, following a series of tests at Aberystwyth University on the west coast of Wales. Doctor Dave Whitworth, who led the research, said the study could have a serious impact on public health. The results of the research, published in the American Journal of Infection Control, showed that handshakes passed on far…
  • Ebola Outbreak: How Worried Should You Be?

    28 Jul 2014 | 11:40 am
    Although the risk to the general population outside of West Africa remains extremely low, the ease of modern-day travel poses a challenge for those fighting to contain the outbreak.
  • Florida Hospital Forces Woman to Undergo C-Section Against Her Will

    28 Jul 2014 | 11:19 am
    Jennifer Goodall of Cape Coral, Florida, got a letter earlier this month from nearby hospital Bayfront Health Port Charlotte, where she had been planning to give birth naturally, saying that it would not allow her to try to have a vaginal delivery because she had had C-sections in the past. A VBAC (vaginal birth after caesarian) is a controversial procedure for some doctors, who think it’s too risky to pursue.
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    Womb Within

  • Hello world!

    Christopher Cahoon
    5 Jul 2014 | 9:12 pm
    Welcome to WordPress. This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start blogging!
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    HisBoysCanSwim: Pregnancy Blog, Forums, And Pregnancy Message Boards

  • 5293

    12 Jul 2014 | 6:42 pm
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  • 5294

    12 Jul 2014 | 4:45 pm
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  • 5281

    12 Jul 2014 | 12:49 pm
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  • 5295

    12 Jul 2014 | 12:49 pm
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  • 5296

    12 Jul 2014 | 12:48 pm
    post content Related posts:5293 post content... 5294 post content... 5281 post content... 5295 post content... 5296 post content... 5299 post content... 5291 post content... 5301 post content... 5297 post content... 5290 post content...
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    Easy to Get Pregnant Blog

  • Things To Consider About Lifestyle Changes During Pregnancy

    Nemrod Kedem
    27 Jul 2014 | 2:11 pm
    Pregnancy brings about some not-so-nice side effects, including elevated hormone levels, more stress, pain, and hunger. However, if you read this article, you’ll hopefully be able to cope with the effects of your pregnancy and relax the next few months. Pregnancy should be a positive experience, so use the tips here. If you don’t feel […]
  • Rough Pregnancy? Give These Tips A Try!

    Nemrod Kedem
    20 Jul 2014 | 10:46 pm
    A mother to be will be ready to take on parenthood with the proper care. Keep reading to learn a few things that’ll help you through your pregnancy. Since your bladder capacity is reduced during pregnancy, reduce how much you drink in the evenings so you’ll sleep better. Drink plenty of water early in the […]
  • There Are A Lot Of New Things That Happen To A Woman’s Body During Pregnancy

    Nemrod Kedem
    18 Jul 2014 | 8:01 pm
    Even experienced mothers can experience stress and emotional turmoil during pregnancy. If you’re aware of just what kind of issues can happen while you’re dealing with your pregnancy, then you will do fine. Read these tips to learn some sound advice for pregnant mothers, which should help you have a joyful nine months. Sleeping well […]
  • Follow These Pregnancy To Help You Through It

    Nemrod Kedem
    16 Jul 2014 | 6:12 pm
    Obtaining proper prenatal care is the best way to ensure the health of the mother and the future care of her expanded family. Here are some tips that can help one to have a healthy pregnancy. Since your bladder capacity is reduced during pregnancy, reduce how much you drink in the evenings so you’ll sleep […]
  • Helpful Information For Making Your Pregnancy Easier

    Nemrod Kedem
    14 Jul 2014 | 11:57 am
    Everyone puts on weight while pregnant. There are several things you can do to remain healthy during your pregnancy and to recover quickly after childbirth. Continue reading to learn some excellent tips on how to keep yourself healthy while pregnant. See your dentist routinely and maintain good oral hygiene during your pregnancy. Pregnancy can actually […]
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    Baby Making Machine

  • It’s never too late to teach an old dog new tricks (or learn how to twerk)

    Jennifer Borget
    28 Jul 2014 | 12:29 pm
    I was watching Bachlorette with some girlfriends, and it must have been the episode where the guys do a little striptease for Andi because somehow we got on the topic of pole dancing. Leah was all “Oh, you’ve gotta see this video of this chick pole dancing, she’s amazing!” Then we huddled around her cell phone watching in amazement as a woman much larger than myself did all kinds of acrobatics on a pole. In one word, it was inspiring. You know how it goes when you’re chatting with your friends. One things lead to another and next thing you know you’re searching Yelp to see if…
  • I’m turning into the woman I once found annoying

    Jennifer Borget
    25 Jul 2014 | 2:07 am
    I hope I don’t bore you to tears with what I’m about to say. Trust me, before last week I was in the same boat. Whenever one of my friends started going on about dieting, or counting calories I’d put on my enthusiastic face when really I’d be thinking about what kind of delicious snack I wanted to devour when I got home. I’ve never been a calorie counter. I’ve always found the idea daunting, exhausting and time consuming. I have, however been working out almost daily for the last several weeks. A friend of mine kept telling me I should download MyFitnessPal. I didn’t want to…
  • An open letter the lady at the library who probably thought I was crazy

    Jennifer Borget
    20 Jul 2014 | 9:07 pm
    Hi Lady, I’m sorry I don’t know your name. I didn’t even take a moment to ask you or apologize for the fact that my son whacked you with a pencil… Or at least that’s what I assumed happened after seeing the disgusted look on your face. I tried to act like I didn’t see him with the pencil as you yanked it from his hands but really, I wanted to say thank-you. Thank you for peeling it from his death grip. I would have done the same except for two things: 1. My son finding that pencil was the best thing that had happened to me since we arrived at the library. Before then he was…
  • I’m ready to be done breastfeeding… Forever

    Jennifer Borget
    16 Jul 2014 | 10:53 pm
    I’m very proud of myself for having breastfed my daughter for 17 months, and my son at this point has been nursing for 15. Part of me is sad to be nearing the end of this motherhood experience, but a greater part of me is feelin’ all “see ya!” Photo by Rebecca Loren Photography. The benefits are great. My children get nourishment and comfort, I burn calories (allegedly) and a get a lower risk of breast cancer. Win-win. But let’s just be honest, there are some downsides that come with breastfeeding too. Here are three reasons I’m excited the end is near: 1. I think it’ll help…
  • Disney World vs Disneyland: He says/ She says

    Jennifer Borget
    11 Jul 2014 | 10:32 am
    My husband has been promising Lil’ J we’d go to Disney once she turned four. She hasn’t mentioned it since her birthday but I’m already making plans in my head. When trying to sort them out with the hubs, we seemed to be talking about different theme parks it went something like this: She says: We should start planning our trip to Disney, I hear you can get good deals if you book in advance. How about we go this fall? He says: Fall? We are going for Spring Break. She says: When everyone else is going to be there? Bad idea! Disney World will be so crowded. He says:…
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  • Pregnancy for Sale

    Linda Burke-Galloway
    7 Jul 2014 | 1:47 pm
      Being told that your body will never be able to reproduce is beyond painful – I’ve been there. But should procreation become a business at any cost? In a recent New York Times article, we are introduced to a gay couple from Portugal who became parents through surrogacy because it was illegal in their […]
  • Are Military Pregnant Wives More at Risk for Death From Medical Mistakes?

    Linda Burke-Galloway
    1 Jul 2014 | 3:19 pm
    Keeping secrets can literally kill, especially in healthcare. The New York Times article, In Military Care, a Pattern of Errors but Not Scrutiny had me trembling with shame. No, I didn’t have any direct involvement with the death of Jessica Zeppa, a 21-year-old wife of an active serviceman who was 5 months pregnant, or the […]
  • Pregnant Moms, Can You Recognize the Signs of Pre-Eclampsia?

    Linda Burke-Galloway
    14 May 2014 | 6:08 am
    May is Pre-eclampsia Awareness Month, a time of mourning for many who have lost their loved ones in childbirth or shortly thereafter. The old-fashioned term is toxemia and includes a combination of high blood pressure after 20 weeks, swollen ankles or feet, blurry vision and protein in the urine. My good friends at the Pre-Eclampsia […]
  • A Mother’s Day Tribute from a Beloved Son – Kevin Durant

    Linda Burke-Galloway
    9 May 2014 | 9:03 am
    As a mother of two middle-school athletes, oh, how I can relate to what Kevin Durant’s mom must have went through. Getting up at dreadful hours of the morning, buying new sneakers for ever-expanding feet and playing referee to the “alpha-man” arguments and competition. But is it worth it? You can bet your last dollar […]
  • Do You Have Fibroids and Want to Have a Hysterectomy? Please Read This First.

    Linda Burke-Galloway
    6 May 2014 | 12:49 pm
    Today I put my patient safety hat on to discuss a growing controversy in the obgyn community about the treatment of fibroids. Fibroids are usually a benign tumor that affects 80% of women and especially African American women. They can sometimes cause bleeding, pain and press on internal organs. If the problems are severe and […]
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    WhatsInMyBelly Blog

  • My Registry Hits (And Misses)

    28 Jul 2014 | 2:00 am
    Creating a baby registry is a daunting task. Who knew that such a tiny person needs so much stuff? I remember hearing about ladies in the 50′s who used dresser drawers as makeshift cribs – what would they think of heirloom cribs, gliders, wipe warmers? Times have certainly changed. As a first time mom, I made the quintessential rookie mistake – I put too much stuff on my registry. Some worked out, and some didn’t. Here are my hits and misses! Hits Aden + Anais Swaddle Blankets These things are as awesome as everyone says. Not just for swaddling, they make great car…
  • Flutters, Kicks, and Rolls: A Primer on Fetal Movement

    30 May 2014 | 3:00 am
    It’s the best thing about pregnancy. No, I’m not talking about your right to eat all the things. Or, the fact that you can get out of anything – “Oh, you know, I don’t think I’ll be coming to [insert tedious social function here], I’m just not feeling up to it, since I’m growing a person and all.” I’m talking about finally feeling that little bundle of joy start doing jumping jacks in your belly. As someone who had a pretty rough pregnancy, even I get a little nostalgic thinking about those quiet moments of lying in bed, watching my…
  • The NT Scan: Should You Do It?

    2 May 2014 | 4:00 am
    Before you’ve probably shared your pregnancy news with the world (aka Facebook), your doctor may offer you a NT scan, or the nuchal translucency screening. This screening is performed towards the end of the first trimester in two parts – a blood test and a specialized ultrasound. The results are then evaluated by a physician and your baby’s risk for several different chromosomal abnormalities is calculated. So, should you do it? There are several things to consider. 1. It may not be covered by your insurance. As an optional test, you may be footing the bill. Always check…
  • 5 Fabulous Cloth Diaper Tips (No, You Haven’t Heard Them All!)

    3 Apr 2014 | 6:10 am
    1. The sun is your friend. Most of the time, even with the ickiest baby poop, my diapers would come out of the wash looking brand new (having a sprayer helps, I think). But, if your diapers come out of the washer looking less than perfect, just hang them up outside and let the sun do its thing. Seriously, the sun will bleach the stains right out of your diapers! 2. You might have the wrong type of washing machine. It’s true, you can wash cloth diapers in a high efficiency front loader, but you’re more apt to have issues with detergent build-up, ammonia stink, and other fun things. A good,…
  • Birth Story: Chorioamnionitis and Eight Days in the Hospital

    Mollee Sullivan
    18 Mar 2014 | 4:00 am
    In the weeks before my now-10-month-old daughter, Julie, was born, I tried to learn as much as I could about labor and delivery without forming any expectations for my own experience. I hoped for the best, but mentally prepared myself for all sorts of worsts, just in case. Then, in the final moments of my nearly 24-hour labor, I ended up having a thing I didn’t even remember reading about: chorioamnionitis, or “chorio” (like Oreo with a hard C sound at the beginning), for short. It wasn’t as bad as many of the other “worsts” I’d prepared myself for,…
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  • Saranoni & Giveaway

    21 Jul 2014 | 8:41 am
    I am very excited about today’s post and to share a little bit more of my personal life here on!  This little girl here is our four year old princess, Vanessa.  And you know what?.. she does NOT like pictures.  That might sound strange because as you can see in the pictures above she is beaming with joy!  I have to give Saranoni (a luxury blanket company) full credit for all the beautiful smiles and giggles I got from this little rabbit. When I took a look at and their amazing products I was so excited.  It literally took me 2 minutes to choose which…
  • Nordstrom Anniversary Sale

    18 Jul 2014 | 8:41 pm
      1    |    2    |    3    |    4    |    5    |    6    |    7    |    8    |    9    |    10    |    11    |    12    |    13    |    14    |    15    |    16    |    17    |    18    |    19    |    20    |    21    |    22    |    23    |    24  Guys, we couldn’t be more excited about all the A-mazing deals Nordstrom is having this year for their anniversary sale.  We had the hardest time trying to pick “the best” sale items to post on and you can tell by…
  • Rustic

    15 Jul 2014 | 7:43 am
      Blazer- similar here & here    |    Top-Gap Maternity    |    Jeans-Gap Maternity    |    Sandals- H&M, similar here & here    |    Clutch- similar here & here    |    Sunglasses- Ray Ban    |    Lips- Yves Saint Laurent here & here I love the contrast between these rustic stairs and our model’s outfit!  It gives it a cool, city girl kind of vibe.  You have probably seen these jeans being featured on the blog here & here, and that’s because we love the distressed look of these maternity jeans!  It’s always fun to put…
  • Semi-Formal

    12 Jul 2014 | 9:28 am
      1    |    2    |    3    |     4    |    5    |    6    |    7    |    8    |    9    |    10    |    11    |    12    |    13 It’s been a while since we have had a weekend with no meetings, photo shoots or family parties.  I woke up thinking “I don’t know what to do today”.  It’s been a lazy morning over here, just catching up on laundry, and making crafts with the kids…. I think we will just have a relax day and play it by ear.  Maybe my husband and I can finally go on a date! (it feels like…
  • After School

    10 Jul 2014 | 5:06 pm
    Blouse- Gap    |    Tank Top – Gap Maternity  |    Jeans- Asos    |    Sandals- H&M, similar here & here    |    Purse- similar, here     |    Sunglasses- Nordstrom    |    Watch- Arvo Wear I was on my way to Karen’s house to discuss the new website design happening on the blog (coming soon!) when I saw these old school bleachers behind a construction building.  It really caught my attention and I immediately thought “A new location for a photos shoot!”  I turned around to check it out and as I was visualizing how the shoot would look…
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    Gestational Diabetic Diet Headquarters» Gestational Diabetes Blog

  • Exercise During Pregnancy

    Dorsa Waldman
    28 Jul 2014 | 6:00 am
    Getting plenty of exercise is important to keep your body strong and healthy. This is true for daily life, and it is also true during pregnancy as well. Many women feel that they should not exercise while they are pregnant, or that exercise is unsafe during pregnancy, but this is not true. Pregnancy means that […] Related posts: Gestational Diabetes Complications – Learn about the 5 Most Common Complications During Pregnancy [Are You at Risk?] Pregnancy Induced Diabetes: Your Questions Answered Studies Show Gestational Diabetes Risk Increases with Every Pregnancy
  • Gestational Diabetes: Fear is Not the Answer

    Dorsa Waldman
    14 Jul 2014 | 6:00 am
    Gestational diabetes, which is a marked increase in blood glucose levels during pregnancy, is an understandably scary situation. A lot of women tend to panic when even thinking about the possibility of gestational diabetes. Although it is understandable that you might worry about gestational diabetes, and any steps in the process of being diagnosed, fear […] Related posts: Understanding Gestational Diabetes Test Numbers Pregnancy Induced Diabetes: Your Questions Answered Gestational Diabetes Guidelines: 3 Tips To Get Started Right!
  • Why Me? Emotional Challenges with Gestational Diabetes

    Dorsa Waldman
    7 Jul 2014 | 6:00 am
    Learning that you have gestational diabetes can feel tragic for some women. The emotional challenges with gestational diabetes, the added stress, and fear, along with already heightened emotions, can feel overwhelming. Many women, after being diagnosed, feel very scared for their own health as well as the health of their unborn children. They get wrapped […] Related posts: Gestational Diabetes: Fear is Not the Answer I Have Gestational Diabetes – Where Do I Start? Gestational Diabetes – How Often Should I Check My Blood Sugars?
  • Reversing Gestational Diabetes – Fact or Fiction?

    24 Feb 2014 | 6:26 am
    Reversing Gestational Diabetes – Fact or Fiction? Once you receive a diagnosis of gestational diabetes your entire focus in life becomes focused on reversing its effects so that it doesn’t adversely impact the baby you’re carrying. For some women, the diagnosis is terrifying. It’s important to note that not all gestational diabetes diagnoses are of […] Related posts: I Have Gestational Diabetes, When Will The Doctor Put Me On Insulin?
  • The Importance of Breakfast in Gestational Diabetes

    24 Jan 2014 | 6:01 am
    The Importance of Breakfast in Gestational Diabetes There is a reason breakfast is said to be the most important part of the day. Many reasons, actually. Yet still a large number of people skip this vital daily meal. If you are skipping breakfast, you are missing out on a myriad of benefits that include mood […] Related posts: Gestational Diabetes – How Often Should I Check My Blood Sugars?
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    Rocky Mountain Fertility Center

  • The Miracles of Conception: Back to the Basics

    Deborah Smith
    25 Jul 2014 | 1:32 pm
    The process of human reproduction is remarkable in its complexity. Broadly divided into the stages of ovulation, fertilization and implantation, human reproduction embodies multi-levels of challenges and medical wonders. Ovulation The human ovary comprises of millions of follicles, hundreds of which will develop during a woman’s lifetime. During each menstrual cycle, the release of follicle stimulating hormone (FSH) triggers the growth and development of several ovarian follicles. Upon stimulation by the luteinizing hormone (LH), one mature follicle releases an egg into the reproductive…
  • Preparing for Your IVF Treatment

    Deborah Smith
    20 Jul 2014 | 10:31 am
    It is reported that as many as 1 in 8 couples in the US are faced with fertility problems, leading to an inability to conceive. Although many of these cases may benefit from IVF treatment, in my practice, I have seen many couples back away from the same. In their minds, IVF treatment presents a long and expensive road, and unfortunately these couples pass up the opportunity to benefit from this medical technology. It is important to carefully consider all the pros and cons of a medical procedure. I hope this article helps clear some of the confusion or misconceptions a couple may harbor while…
  • Choosing Your In Vitro Fertilization Center (IVF Clinic)

    Deborah Smith
    17 Jul 2014 | 10:05 am
    Choosing Your IVF Clinic There are over 400 fertility clinics across the US, and therefore choosing the right clinic may seem frustrating to some. Many couples find fertility clinics in their locality by word of mouth. Recommendations from a friend or relative, who has previously used such services, provide a good starting point. Also, suggestions may be sought from a couple’s Ob/Gyn doctor for a good fertility clinic. However, it is advisable to do one’s research by visiting the clinic. Here are some other factors that couples may consider to ease the process of selection. Fertility…
  • Tubal Reversal Surgery: Getting Your Fertility Back

    Deborah Smith
    14 Jul 2014 | 10:03 am
    Tubal ligation is a method of birth control for women. The Fallopian tubes are blocked by clamping or sealing to prevent pregnancy. A woman’s egg needs to pass through the Fallopian tubes to meet the sperm, and thereafter enter the uterus following fertilization. Once the Fallopian tubes are “tied”off, the passage of egg is blocked, leading to sterilization. Women, who have previously undergone tubal ligation, may later decide to conceive. Tubal reversal surgery is an option through which this is possible. A tubal ligation reversal rejoins the blocked segments of the Fallopian tubes,…
  • The Basics of Egg Cryopreservation

    Deborah Smith
    28 Jun 2014 | 9:49 pm
    Oocyte or egg cryopreservation is the process of extracting and freezing eggs until the time is ready for their use. During assisted reproductive technology procedures, the frozen eggs can be thawed out, fertilized in vitro and transferred to the recipient’s womb for pregnancy to ensue. Egg cryopreservation can benefit women with varied fertility concerns. Women diagnosed with cancer, but have not started treatment, can cryopreserve their eggs for later use. In addition, women who are planning on having a child later on in their lives can freeze their eggs when their fertility is at its…
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    » Pregnancy Center

  • What is Tubal Pregnancy?

    Peony C Echavez
    24 Jul 2014 | 3:00 am
    This article provides the nuts and bolts of the most common complication in pregnancy namely ectopic pregnancy (or commonly known as tubal pregnancy). What is Tubal Pregnancy? With normal pregnancy, women’s eggs are fertilized at the oviduct, and then they travel to the uterus. But, with tubal pregnancies, implantation happens outside of the uterus. In […]
  • Twin Pregnancy: What You Should Know?

    Peony C Echavez
    24 Jul 2014 | 1:00 am
    Thanks to fertility treatments, multiple births have become more common in the recent years. It is also observed that more and more women are trying to conceive in their later years, which also contributes to higher chance of having twins. Mother can suspect that they have twins if twins run in their family, they have […]
  • How Normal Is Spotting During Pregnancy?

    Peony C Echavez
    24 Jul 2014 | 12:00 am
    Spotting is very similar to the period cycle bleeding, but much lighter. The color of the vaginal bleeding can vary from red to brown. Spotting is very common during the first weeks of pregnancy, and 20% of the future mothers experience it during the first trimester. Spotting is more common when mothers conceive with the […]
  • Pregnancy After Menopause

    Peony C Echavez
    23 Jul 2014 | 11:05 pm
    With so many new ways for conceiving, new and improved technology and IVF, chances of women getting pregnant after menopause remains higher than ever (but could not be very easy as easy as selling pies!). What Menopause Does? Many women view menopause as the end of their fertility a time of their life when they […]
  • Pregnancy Announcement Ideas

    Peony C Echavez
    21 Jul 2014 | 6:42 am
    Being a mother is one of the most wonderful feelings in the world. No matter how hard and exhausting pregnancy can sometimes be, the feeling that you carry a new life within you is something every women would love to experience. Once they found out they are pregnant, one of the hardest decisions in women’s […]
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